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New Bodice Fit Class Coming in October  and Pant Fit in November!!


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Bodice Fit and Pant Fit


ASC School of Sewing

New to ASC will be BravoBella Custom Bra Fitting classes. Coming in July or August 2016 



Having Trouble Finding That Right Fit in Your Clothes?

Getting the right bustline fit is eaiser than you think.


 Take a Fit Class and see for yourself! 

It's Like Magic!



Do you love sitting down at the big pattern table at your favorite fabric store? Looking at all the latest styles out for the year, you picture yourself in that radiant dress or tailored suit. Then reality sets in, even the watercolor painted models are about a size 2 and therefore that flowing bottom of the dress will look like a tent on you. So you close the book and move on.


I've been there too. Then I took a class that would change all of that thinking.  
If this has been you, or you are tired of trying on the generic sized clothes from department stores, then you should check out my latest sewing class, Fit for Real People.

Rosanna Benbow,

Palmer/Pletsch Certified Sewing Instructor



Rosanna Benbow, CSI, ASC School of Sewing

Trained by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto, who have fitted thousands of body types in the past 20 years, I teach the Palmer/Pletsch Fit for Real People Workshop. Pati learned that measuring wasn't enough, so she developed the "try-on" method. They have examined and used many approaches to fitting over the years. Today they teach what works the best and easiest for YOU! Doing very little measuring because measuring does not tell you all you need to know about the body you are fitting. Learning to fit yourself and others is a process. It is a constant challenge because, as fashion changes, you need to decide the best approach for altering each new design. You will gain the same information she shared with me that will assist you in fitting your personal patterns. 

I teach the Palmer/Pletsch Pattern Fitting System, let me help you to find your perfect fit! 










Fit for Real People 3 day class


Coming in Soon


Fit for Real People

We will do hands-on pattern fitting, I will fit you, then teach you to fit yourself! You will continue to be innovative and fine-tune your skills. The ongoing fit review program will help you MASTER FIT using any pattern WITH MY ASSISTANCE! 
In  this class : 

 Take home your own personal pattern fitting skills,
·  The ability to alter ANY fashion pattern
·  Try on our fitting shell when creating a  fitted shirt  style  with (45 size variations to choose from!)
·  Find your correct size and bra cup size
·  Custom fit a shirt  , skirt or shirtdress from a current pattern
·  Fit as many additional fashion patterns as you wish
You will be EMPOWERED to sew any pattern design and make it fit.

3 day class: Shirt Fitting or Skirt and Shirtdress using Palmer/Pletsch McCalls patterns. Supply list provided upon registeration and payment through my web site or contact me for an alternative payment method.

Class Dates: coming in July 2016.


Class Times:  Saturday 
Sunday  and Monday 

Class size is now  limited to 5 students to ensure personal attention.


Class Cost: $175.00 

To purchase the Notions Supply Pack: $ 35.00

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<><><><>  Comming Soon Hoping for July

Pant Pattern Fitting Class

Pant fit

  • Analysis of your body shape to determine your perfect size
  • Creation of a tissue pattern to match your size and shape
  • Final pattern fit and instruction on how to complete the process for future fittings
  • Cut and pin your custom pants on a fabric of choice
  • Sew to make your perfect fitting pants
  •  2 pair of pant patterns altered and 1 cut out in fabric to do a draping fit. 

Beginning Pant Fitting and Sewing  2 day class.  Using the Palmer/Pletsch pattern fitting method, you will be tissue fitted in a simple pant to find your variations from a pattern. Then you will cut it out, pin fit it in fabric and complete the pant with elastic waist or zipper and waistband. Using current McCall's patterns by Palmer/Pletsch #s based on your fullest hip measurement or as close to that measurement that you can get. 


I will analyze your body and determine your size, you will cut your simple pant pattern tissue out and ready it for fitting.


I will fit you in tissue in a pant and then show you how to alter it for your figure. You will do the alterations to the pattern. Then I will do the final fit review teaching you how to complete this process on your own for future pattern fitting. My preference is that you will then cut it out in sloper fabric to get the best fit.  If you do not want to do a sloper pattern then you can use pant fabric and pin the pants together for the fabric fitting. Then, we will fine tune the fit in fabric. If time allows you can sew them up or you will take your fit pant fabric home and sew it together.


You will then learn to fit a trouser and pull-on pants pattern if you would like.




Class is limited to 4 students



This class will be held at ASC School of Sewing  check the fitting tab on the web site for detailed dates.


Cost is $175.00



Monthly Fit Review




FIT REVIEW is by appointment


This is a class for those who have already taken the Pattern Bodice Fit or Pant Pattern Fit classes.


You may bring any patterns and have help altering for fit or fit a garment that has been cut in fabric and pinned together or one that has been fitted and you needing guidance in sewing.


Cost is $35.00


 Check ASC Website Calendar for Dates must register prior to class.







The Palmer Pletsch  Pattern Fitting Classes  will be held at ASC School of Sewing , 900 Vicki Way, Wasilla, AK 373-5651.

All class registration fees must be paid at the time of registration for classes. Please register online through my web site.

The cost of each class is is listed, plus you will be required to supply your own  materials or purchase a supply pack at class price. Students are required to provide all of there own materials prior to the first day of class.

Upon paid registration I will provide a supply list and directions to the location if you need them.


You will be in your underwear at times during this class, you can wear a pair of non see thru panty hose or spankz but nothing heaver as it will alter the fit.  

Classes fill up quickly so be sure to reserve your spot. The Class size is now limited to 4 to ensure personal attention. 


Cancellations will recieve a cash refunded if they are cancelled prior to 1 week before class start date if after a 10.00 cancelation fee will be deducted from the refund.

For Alternate class sign up instructions:


(907) 373-5652








 FIT YOU!!!!



Rosanna Benbow
ASC School of Sewing


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